Hate only inspires hate.


I am not sure what will happen this November, but I am definitely not interested in seeing the death of this country. Racism is part of the foundation of this country, still is not right. Donald Trump is entitled to his opinions and beliefs, but that does not mean he’s capable of running a country. I may not want to hear them, not accept them, but, I do respect that everyone is entitled to their own way of being. It pains me to see people I care for or have crossed paths with supporting this man. It makes me question their own views of inequality and racism, and my own judgement for having let his supporters be in my life.

I am not a lesbian, yet I support the LGBT community to have EQUAL rights because they are human like me. 

I am Dominican yet, I Will NeVER support the way my country treats Haitians, if anything I pity their ignorance and advocate for change. 

My ethnicity is “Hispanic” yet I stand with Black Lives Matter because I know their goal is equality and stopping police brutality. 

I have Spaniard descent, and only hope to educate the ignorant to stop the focus on “skin color” because they are human like me. 

I am not a child, but I stand for education and improving children’s lives by advocating for them. 

I am a woman, and I support men and the break down of stereotypes because having feminist views does not change their sexual orientation. There are no gender roles that cannot be done by either men or women. 

Because I am a woman, I support equal pay, equal rights, stopping victimization in rape and domestic violence cases, and demands for family oriented employment. 

I support FAIR sentencing for crimes not just releasing people on the account that they may “miss college life” if their despicable crime deserves and demands jail time. 

I may not know everything, all the history, or everything that is right or wrong, but, I do know that inspiring hate in humanity is not right for this country. We may not reverse history, but we can start taking steps towards true equality and humanized treatment of all people. 

I am in this life to make the world better for everyone in it. A world where my children and yours could thrive without ignorant limitations that have been passed down through generations. Humans evolve with the years, lets not prove this scientific fact wrong. We can be the change that the world so desperately needs. 

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