I am Awakened 


I am by far awakened to the reality of the world that I live in. Before, I lived in the world secluded within my own culture and oblivious to what was waiting for me as I grew older and stepped into the world of being an adult with color in the United States. 

I’ve fed into the whole dilemma that everyone said or thought was really happening with the criminalization of people that look like me, my brothers and sisters. I was a child with a child’s mind and even as an adult I reverted back to my childish ways because I didn’t want to accept what was really going on. But that is no more, I can’t cover the world and it’s injustices with the tip of my finger. I can’t sit back and continue to allow for the modern-day way of life and the new Jim Crow to surface again and again and again without doing nothing to stop it. Whether it is by educating others and myself in the journey for True equality or simply protesting quietly or blatantly in the eyes of Injustice. This is my journey, this is my life, I can’t sit back and be quiet no more. I hope to be of use in this journey and movement to clean up the mess that has been left by racism the pain and suffering that others before us and we are going through now.

#StayWoke #BlackLivesMatter