“What about my rights?”



A few days ago, I responded to a video that depicted Transgender women using the bathroom. It had a very catchy tune pretty much just saying that all the really want is to pee in peace. I must be honest, but ever since I heard of what was going on, I was enraged because now this was going to affect my children at school. Let me explain:

I never let my daughters go into a public bathroom alone. However, while they are at school, I have to trust that her teachers and other school staff are taking care of them and keeping them safe. I am already at a high paranoid level for their safety as things change and more school shootings are happening, children bringing weapons to schools, inappropriate touching by school staff or peers, bullying, and the list goes on. First of all, my daughter Tiana is 7 years-old and her sister Taelynn is 5. They have a clear understanding that they are girls not just because I told them when they were born, but also because they identify with being girls. They are too young to understand what is going in as they transitioned from being in preschool to elementary school. They don’t even understand the world in its entirety and need consistency in their environment to make sense of it. They do not feel comfortable with going to the bathroom with a boy and neither am I. My post to the video is below:

“Just because it’s right for you it doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to agree. Respecting your identity is one thing and another is being completely ignorant to the views of others. It’s like taking for granted that racism does not exist simply because you’re not a racist, and ignoring that some people still experience some kind of racism daily without regard to who or what they identify with “color or citizenship.”
I can’t imagine what the LGBT community goes through because I’m not in their shoes; however, I wonder if the people who don’t share the same beliefs of when and how gender identity develops have a voice? Both sides have a different view yet only one side got to make a decision that not only affects them, but also those that did not have a vote. The discussion is needed as much as a fair vote to agree on what should happen as far as bathrooms as well as how to deal with the bad things that have happened as a consequence of the law. Why not ask the kids to vote for what they want to see happen, after all they’re directly affected by this ruling. I’m all for equality, but not for unfairness where all sides and opinions have a fare shot at being heard.”

I am not claiming I’m right or wrong, but I do feel that I too have a voice and so does my daughter’s, which have yet been heard. Please leave me your comments below, I ask that you judge me based on being a concerned parent open to dialogue.